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How a Goddess Wins Over Tigers Manhwa cover

How a Goddess Wins Over Tigers

  • 여신님의 호랑이 공략법, How a Goddess Wins Over Tigers, Goddess's Way of Attacking Tigers, Yeosin-nim-ui Horangi Bongnyakbeop
  • Authors: Awan, Chungla
  • Genres: Time Travel, Reincarnation, Romance, Fantasy
Read How a Goddess Wins Over Tigers latest chapters on MangaTop. After being betrayed by her lover, the sun god Moha meets a bitter death—but soon finds herself thrust back into her past in someone else's body. Two tiger spirits from Moha's past vie for her affection as she struggles against the looming tragedy that once ripped her heart—and the world—apart. As Moha navigates this unfamiliar world alone with no divine power, will she be able to change the tragic course of her life and find true love? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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