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Heavenly Demon's Bakery Manhwa cover

Heavenly Demon's Bakery

  • 천마님의 베이커리, Heavenly Demon's Bakery, Heavenly Demon Bakery, Cheonma-nim-ui Bakery
  • Authors: Miruha, Rangpa
  • Genres: Fantasy, Martial Arts, Action
Read Heavenly Demon's Bakery latest chapters on MangaTop. After being hit by a car, Jinhyuk Im spends a long time in a coma, only to magically awaken in the past, the day before things all began to go downhill for his family. While unconscious, Jinhyuk lived as the almighty Heavenly Demon, Chunma, and now that he's back in the modern world, he's brought Chunma's abilities back with him! Determined to ensure a different fate for himself and his family, Jinhyuk uses his powers to master his father's recipes and help make their bakery the best in town! (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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