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Hateful Lady Manhwa cover

Hateful Lady

Read Hateful Lady latest chapters on MangaTop. Young student Yoo Sungha's stunning appearance and vibrant personality completely captivate all the women who meet her. However, there is a catch: Sungha is heterosexual. Still, she has no luck with men, and every time her short-lived relationships fail, her friend Choi Jiwoon is there to pick up the broken pieces. Perfectly aware of the spell she casts on women, Sungha sets out to ensure that a new student, who is openly a lesbian, never falls for her. However, Shin Rahee is aloof and, to Sungha's utter shock, not at all attracted to her. Deeming it unacceptable, Sungha stubbornly challenges Rahee to a competition and promptly loses. In her defeat, Sungha ends up sleeping with Rahee. Their night together marks the beginning of their passionate connection. While their relationship deepens, Rahee remains oblivious to the erratic and rather unsettling secrets that Sungha tactfully hides. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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