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Girls of the Wild's Manhwa cover

Girls of the Wild's

Read Girls of the Wild's full chapter on MangaTop. The elite all-girls Wild's Private High School has bred some of the strongest and most renowned martial artists in the world. To help foster these skills, the school hosts the Wild's League, a brutal martial arts tournament where only the strongest fighters prevail. Reigning above all other students is the current champion "Queen," a beautiful S-Class mixed martial artist named Yoon In Gyi, who has mastered various forms of fighting. When Wild's High breaks its 42-year-old tradition of female exclusivity and allows male applicants, only one is desperate enough to try: the weak and impoverished Song Jae Gu, who is granted a full scholarship. After a meeting with the cute taekwondo practitioner Choi Dal Dal, the boisterous boxer Lee Moon Young, and Queen in a tense confrontation, Jae Gu soon realizes that he must quickly learn to fend for himself in this dangerous battlefield. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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