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From BFF to Obsessive Hubby Manhwa cover

From BFF to Obsessive Hubby

  • 소꿉친구가 집착 남편이 되었다, From BFF to Obsessive Hubby, My Childhood Friend Became an Obsessive Husband
  • Authors: Dal Youn, Yeoji
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Read From BFF to Obsessive Hubby latest chapters on MangaTop. Isabelle is in a pinch. In the absence of her protective nuns, a wicked priest has sold her to Duke Cardiego. A long time ago, the goddess Iris blessed three prominent families with unique magical powers, and the Cardiego family that controls the underworld is the most notorious one. By all accounts, Duke Cardiego's lower parts are dysfunctional, and he has ruthlessly murdered his every prospective bride. This clashes with Isabelle's fantasy; she dreams of love at first sight and a passionate physical relationship. Thankfully, even the depraved duke will not want Isabelle if she were married. She can now turn to only one person: her best friend in the world, Lix. Although Lix is easy on the eyes, Isabelle sees him as nothing more than a genuine friend who platonically loves her enough to do this small favor for her. However, Isabelle's sudden sham marriage proposal throws a wrench in Lix's plans, as he has been waiting for the perfect moment to make a real offer first. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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