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From a Knight to a Lady Manhwa cover

From a Knight to a Lady

  • 그 기사가 레이디로 사는 법, From a Knight to a Lady, Geu Gisa-ga Lady-ro Saneun Beop
  • Authors: Hyerim Sung, Ink.
  • Genres: Fantasy, Reincarnation
Read From a Knight to a Lady latest chapters on MangaTop. When Estelle meets her untimely death, she is a valiant knight of the Kingdom of Ersha. But death is not the end for Estelle—four years after her demise, she finds herself reincarnated in the body of Lucifela Aydin, the spoiled and cold-hearted daughter of a count in the Empire of Jansgar. To her dismay, she finds that her country fell to Jansgar years ago, and that she is now betrothed to Zedekiah Heint, the son of a count and her adversary in her previous life. Can Estelle discover the truth behind her death while attempting to navigate her new life as Lucifela? (Source: Tappytoon). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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