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For My Forsaken Beloved Manhwa cover

For My Forsaken Beloved

Read For My Forsaken Beloved latest chapters on MangaTop. After falling asleep while reading her favorite novel, a woman awakens as Hestia, a background character with no family but an immense fortune. Basking in her newfound riches, she makes it her lifelong mission to observe the protagonists—Diana, Helios, and Caelus—from the sidelines as the plot unfolds. Hestia especially loves and cheers for Caelus, the complex second lead. However, events take a dark turn when Caelus resorts to unethical methods to defeat the villains, which causes a rift between him and the main couple. A year after Helios and Diana's wedding, Hestia resides in a run-down cabin in the forest, having depleted her wealth. By chance, she meets Caelus; abandoned by his best friend and the woman he loves, he is now a husk of his former self. As Caelus dies by suicide mere moments later, Hestia desperately curses those who wronged him and wishes to avenge him. Her prayers are answered, and she travels back in time before Caelus' life crumbles. Without a second to waste, Hestia initiates a plan that will ensure everlasting happiness for her beloved Caelus. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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