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Emperor Hunt Manhwa cover

Emperor Hunt

  • 황제사냥, Emperor Hunt, Empress Hunt, Hunting the Emperor, Hwangje Sanyang
  • Authors: Kan
  • Genres: Fantasy, Action
Read Emperor Hunt latest chapters on MangaTop. Mysterious glowing orbs appear in the sky all over Earth, rapidly sucking the age out of humans and the planet itself. As mankind regresses to infancy and ultimately disappears from existence, a lone woman stands unaffected with her most precious person slipping through her fingers. Seul Yun, a tortured experimental subject her entire life due to her immortality, suddenly finds herself in Earth's parallel dimension called Hetra. Emperor Horson, a wicked and immortal woman who wiped out the Earth, appears to have extensive knowledge about Seul Yun. But Seul Yun is rescued from Horson's almighty hands by the former commander of Hetra's Royal Knights, Kasar Einante. As he convinces Seul Yun to unite against Horson, he teaches her about Hetra and its formidable driving force akin to magic. Now with the powers of Hetra hot on their heels, two people with nothing left to lose must find a way to overpower Horson and avenge those they have lost. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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