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Don’T Trust The Female Lead Manhwa cover

Don’T Trust The Female Lead

  • 여주를 믿지 마세요, Don't Trust the Female Lead, Don't Trust the Heroine
  • Authors: Geolgeom, Tansans
  • Genres: Time Travel, Romance, Fantasy
Read Don’T Trust The Female Lead latest chapters on MangaTop. Susan is the perfect and sweet female lead–or so the novel says. Because of this, the newly possessed Lady Medena Rodenherg doesn't think twice about supporting the protagonist on her journey. However, the story Medena knows isn't the entire truth, and Susan is actually far from the kind girl she's been portrayed to be on the pages. This becomes most apparent when she ultimately betrays Medena and has her unjustly executed. Now back in time before ever meeting Susan, Medena decides to take the opposite approach in this life and team up with the novel's antagonist, Pharren. Lucky for her, Pharren may not entirely be the wicked villain Medena has read about in the original novel... (Source: Tappytoon). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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