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Charming You Manhwa cover

Charming You

  • 좋아하게 될 거야, Charming You, Joaha-ge Doel Geoya
  • Authors: Soojung Park, Gullim Lee
  • Genres: Romance
Read Charming You full chapter on MangaTop. Jimin's new goal in life is to get her hands on her crush's underwear, but not for the reason you might think! She has been advised by her fortune teller that she'll have a chance with him if she manages to stick a charm on his underwear. But how's she supposed to do that when even just looking at him makes her tongue-tied? Luckily, Jimin has a plan, but will things go the way she wants, or will she end up making her crush hate her before she even gets a chance to use the charm? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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