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Byul Bit So Ge Manhwa cover

Byul Bit So Ge

Read Byul Bit So Ge full chapter on MangaTop. Ever since Shinhye was young, when she used to sit on a hill watching the night sky with her father, she has always admired the stars and dreamed of what is out there in the universe. But she never expected that her dreams-and nightmares-would come true. As a beautiful and intelligent 17-year-old, she attracts the attention of Donghoon, whose uncle works with the Ministry of Science. As it happens, Donghoon's uncle is in charge of finding a home for a visiting foreigner...who has ESP! The teenaged girl, Sarah, has left her home in America to get away from all the strange looks people give her because they don't understand her powers. Sarah is accompanied by her guardian, Redion, a handsome, long-haired young man who makes Shinhye forget all about Donghoon. The girls get off on the wrong foot when Sarah endangers Shinhye with her ESP tantrums...but they eventually become close friends. Shinhye has barely come to terms with the existence of ESP when a UFO lands near her home! The shocks just keep coming as she learns the truth about Sarah and Redion, who the aliens are after. Will Shinhye survive the alien invasion? (Source: NetComics). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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