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Blood Bank Manhwa cover

Blood Bank

Read Blood Bank full chapter on MangaTop. Long ago, darkness overtook the world, and humans were saved by their natural predators: vampires. As an act of gratitude, humans willingly sell their blood to them, leading to the creation of "blood banks." When Shell Overlord, an elite bank lord's son and successor, visits the bank, he notices something amiss about a banker. Going by the name "One," he seems to be one of the extremely rare humans who are immune to pheromones—a unique fragrance that bends humans to any vampire's will. However, One is not the only odd one out. Shell is an "abnormal" vampire, meaning that he likes to be dominated by humans, although superior by nature. Attracted—and aroused—by One's resistance to his pheromones and the fact he is the only human who can truly degrade him, Shell begs One to fulfill his submissive needs. While the two are now forced to keep their steamy relationship a secret, they might soon realize that the feelings they have for one another go far beyond what the limits of society will ever allow. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaTop
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